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This weekend, I reviewed BackJoy’s submission for the Colorado Companies to Watch Award. As I flipped through the document, it was a bit of a walk down memory lane as it recapped the company’s early days. As I continued reading about our organization as it stands today, one set of numbers jumped out and caught my attention – the employee headcount. Why? Because as we enter our 10th year of business, we now have more than 100 employees spanning the globe. That’s a lot of moving parts to make this organization run successfully. As we continue to grow it is important that we are all moving in the same direction and communicating our common goals and, just as importantly, successes! With that in mind, introducing the inaugural issue of Bing’s Blog. Each month, I will share an update with all employees. So without further ado, I’d like to kick off this month’s update with a recap of the Asia Sales Meeting.

In February I traveled to Manila, Philippines to meet with representatives from nearly every country we represent in the APAC region. It was an enlightening week and I returned to Colorado with many insights. One of the key takeaways from the week, was the importance of educating the consumer. Everyone at BackJoy should be looking for ways to sharpen the saw about how our products work and why a customer needs them. Success at the shelf will be driven through educating the consumer.

A key to educating our consumer is by being brand advocates in everything we do. The importance of this became apparent as a group of 35 of us ventured to the local mall to visit our shop in shop and grab dinner. As we sat down to dinner, I noticed that of our entire group, only one person brought a BackJoy to use (I’m ashamed to admit, it wasn’t me). This got me to thinking, our employees know the benefits of our products. Shouldn’t we be the brand’s biggest ambassadors?

So starting this month, we’re going to recognize our biggest brand advocates. If you hear or see an employee going above and beyond the call of duty, let me know by emailing me at Likewise, employees can always reach out with questions to me at this same email.

I’ll start the recognition this month with a shout out to Shigeo in Japan. He recently received a letter from a customer outside of Tokyo. The customer complained that the SitSmart seat just wasn’t working for her. He reached out and after several conversations, ended up making a special trip to visit her in person. This is a great example of going above and beyond. Thanks Shigeo – great work!

We all know first-hand the last mile challenge of getting a customer from consideration to purchase. Let’s all commit to being brand advocates like Shigeo and help educate every single customer about the benefits of BackJoy products and make all of our customers as big of fans as we are here at BackJoy.

Go BackJoy!

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