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The BackJoy SitSmart is an innovative, proven sitting device that provides natural, safe and effective back pain relief by automatically optimizing your posture—anytime and anywhere you sit. Its easy-to-use, patented design works from the bottom up by tilting your hips upright and “floating” your spine in a comfortable cradle above the sitting surface. Its portable and lightweight design works in any seat so you can feel more comfortable, supported and less fatigued after sitting for long periods of time. Durable (and waterproof) base and covering provide long-term use.

  • Natural, safe and effective back pain relief
  • Patented, easy-to-use design creates optimal posture
  • Maximum comfort for longer periods of sitting
  • Works in any seat—office, car, home—or anywhere you sit!
  • Tilts the pelvis upright to engage core muscles

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Questions About BackJoy Box?

All downloadable files on this website are housed on, where all BackJoy assets are stored. If you have questions on how to download assets from Box, please see the “Navigating Box” section of the site. You should have received an email invitation from Box to set up a username and password. If you do not know your username and password, email Rachel at rhollingsworth@backjoy.comand she will resend you the email invitation.

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