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Bing Howenstein

Preston Willingham
CTO & Innovations •

Tre Vertuca
VP of Operations & IT •

Mike Margolis
Global Sales •

Mike Mackay
Marketing Director • 

Brian Greenman
CFO • 

Jim Grelle
VP of Engineering & Product Development • 

Ciaran McDonnell
Sales Manager & Director of Apparel • 



Doreen LeeDLee Senior Regional Manager, Sales & Marketing  • skype: doreenlxy1



DLeeJason Ching Marketing Executive  • skype: jasonchingz




Fei Liang Graphic Designer  • skype: feiliang1017



Brian Tan
Product Executive • 

Eugene Koh
Product Executive • 

William Choi
Regional Manager, Korea • 

Shigeo Moridaira
Regional Manager, Japan • 


South America

Allison Snyder
Product Manager • 

Cristián De Giorgis  
Regional Sales Manager, South America • 

Paula Zomignani 
Business Consultant, Brazil • 



PVanPeter van Veldhoven Director, BackJoy Europe 



CLegetCarly Leget-Pijnnaken Marketing Manager




CLegetFerenc Passchier Web/Social Media Coordinator




Tom Luijten
Marketing Creative Lead •

Bernie Osbourne
Sales Manager •


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